Taking a look at HOME by Monsoon PS there are sequins and pom poms

If your world is anything like mine, where pom poms and Moroccan wedding blankets reign supreme, you are going to LOVE this new homewear collection.

is DRIPPING with sequins, pom poms and tassels, making it easy to add warmth, colour and personality to your space.

As someone who *may* have once engineered an entire work trip to Morocco in order to buy wedding blankets, it’s always a pleasure finding amazing and affordable versions on the high street.

The 80-piece has been designed in London but takes inspiration from all over the world. The range includes lots of gorgeous soft furnishings, but also a range of furniture including mango wood trunks and side tables.

Mi and matching different textures is one of my favourite ways to add depth to a space, so I have styled up some of the key pieces at home.

Everything is now available online, so click to read more, or shop directly by clicking the links below.

From left: (pink pom poms) | (with white pom poms) |

Side table (due in next week) | | | | | |