My Josh Wood hair experience – AND WIN A CUT AND COLOUR WITH HIS TEAM!

It’s taken me a while to find my groove with hairdressers.

For ages, I used to sit down in the chair, nervously laugh and say ridiculous things like ‘oh, do what you think best,’ or ‘I trust you, I’ll leave it up to you.’

I know.

This, as you can imagine, led to lots of *fun experiences* including an inverse bob (my hair is thick and wavy, it looked as though I was wearing a child’s fun wig), ‘layers’ – shudder, and very, very stripy icy blonde highlights that possibly weren’t that cool back in the 80’s.

More recently – mainly since I started growing it and started going very grey – I realised I needed to get serious. I don’t have time to be messing around with ‘trying out’ hairdressers.

My hair is thick, it’s wavy and it’s bleached – it needs proper care and attention. I needed to be in a hair relationship with someone who gets my style, who understands my hair and allows my precious few hours of sorting out roots to be calm, rela and in a lovely environment.

Enter .

The Atelier, set in a secluded cobblestoned road in Notting Hill, London, works as a hub for Josh Wood and his creative team of expert colourists, stylists and beauty authorities in residence. It’s West London’s most exclusive address, where stars like Elle Macpherson, Laura Bailey and Kylie Minogue rub shoulders with style directors and business women.

The space is really unlike any salon I’ve been to – and is used as a base for design collaborations, art exhibitions and an interior to reflect its ‘home from home’ philosophy. Hello dusky pink wall of tile dreams.

Clients can book in with some of the industry’s leading professionals who work alongside Wood.

Josh says, ‘for me, this is about trying to blend salon and session hairstylists together for the first time, as traditionally the two are clearly divided – but there are shared skills that can really benefit clients.’

I was booked in with Creative Master Colourist Her clients include Suki Waterhouse and supermodel Amber Anderson (and she was finishing a major bleach job for stunning LFW catwalk model Holly Fogg while I was there!), so I knew I was in the best hands.

And for my cut, stylist listened to my desire to keep it long, although as a surfer who knows a thing or two about waves (in the sea AND hair sense), totally understood my hair’s texture. He could also see that there was way too much bulk going on at the back, but assured me that layering and thinning does NOT need to be all about shearing, chopping and frightening me.

Colourist Melanie completely got the fact that I do not have time to come in every six weeks for my roots, so chose a few different blonde shades that would cover up the grey, but wouldn’t look so contrasting against my natural dark as it grew out. In a nutshell, understanding that a little bit of root does not worry me, but a severe line of colour against my natural shade, does.

She says ‘I did a lot of foil work, bringing in lots of blonde pieces to try and break up Erica’s very dark roots. But we kept it multi-tonal, so it looks nice and natural and not so high maintenance.”

Josh Wood’s team are amazing, but you pay for that brilliance. Melanie’s prices start at £185, going up to £445, depending on which service she is booked for. Stylist Jason’s price is £110 for a cut and blow dry.

But, I am SO EXCITED to reveal that I have organised for one of you to win a cut / colour, whatever you like** with Josh’s team at the Atelier!

All you have to do is follow Josh Wood on Instagram () and make sure you leave a brilliant comment on my comments section here as to why the Atelier should choose you for the ultimate in hair makeovers.

It’s the most amazing prize for someone and I am so thrilled to be able to work with Josh and his team in order to do it.

Good luck to everyone.

And remember, life may not be perfect, but your hair can be!


**There are a few restrictions. Your appointment will need to be made between Wednesday and a Friday (no Saturday bookings unfortunately). And the winner would need to visit the Atelier within the next three months.



UPDATE!! Thank you ALL so much for your hilarious, brilliant and very well deserved comments! I wish I could give you all the prize, but alas, we have one winner. Josh Wood and his team selected Lucy L. Congratulations Lucy and thanks everyone for entering!