MMM {mini} Holiday packing with Trunki

I find holiday packing the most stressful thing in the world. Even when I only have myself to account for, it’s painful because I LIKE HAVING ALL MY CLOTHES AROUND ME. After all, who knows what mood I will be in when I wake up and get dressed? Hmmm?

Now I have to be completely and utterly ruthlessly organised as it’s not just about me. Holidays now mean packing for three people (while also fielding a million ‘where’s my XXX?’ questions from the other half) and this is seriously stressful. And also means I forget so many things. We’ve just been away for the weekend and because Lila’s being potty trained, I took 300 pairs of pants and no nappies. Also, only one pair of sandals and it rained the entire time. Horrific.

Sometimes I’d quite like to see what the kids would pack if left to they own devices. So in a sort of experiment, I teamed up with the ingenious design team at and did just that.

Trunki cases are the perfect holiday accompaniment – fun, brightly-coloured and ride-on. What on earth is not to love about these bad boys?

Harley Ladybird, £39.99, Trunki

Melanie Peck from Trunki says, “Trunki cases are the perfect size for hand luggage on planes, so kids can keep all their bits and bobs with them during the journey. Plus, the 18-litre storage capacity means you can actually fit a surprising amount of stuff to keep them entertained.
“One of our favourite features is the Teddybear seatbelt, it’s handy for keeping clothes or books separate from the rest of the case and great for making sure your little one’s favourite toy strapped in safe and sound for the trip. Kids also love hiding their treats in the Stuff Pocket!”

My pair instantly loved the Harley Ladybird and were cheering each other on* up and down the hall for hours.

(* screaming at each other to ‘Get off! It’s my turn!’)

So I challenged Charlie to a competition to see whether he had the skills to fill the Harley in a SENSIBLE way in preparation for a journey. There is absolutely tons of space inside – and doesn’t seem too heavy even when full.



My choices for Charlie’s holiday travel entertainment

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Bright yellow zip up jacket (cold weather beater and also a good colour for spotting in a crowd)
  2. Selection of books – some short stories, others longer, some comics with activities. Ignore the fact it’s almost £4, you’re going on holiday.
  3. Sticker albums and activity books
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Bottle of water
  6. Gruffalo snap cards
  7. iPad. Obvs.
  8. Pencil case filled with new crayons.

NB: Snacks and food would obviously have been eaten long before reaching the airport.



The pieces Charlie would like to take with him

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Buzz Lightyear
  2. One book
  3. A selection of Lego
  4. A toy zebra
  5. His dinosaur grabber
  6. A Spiderman costume. Useful. Of course.
  7. A tape measure. As above.
  8. His V-Tech camera / games thing.

So there you have it. Indisputable evidence that you really do need to pack for your kids. For a while at least.

It’s also definitely worth checking out the brand’s water resistant backpacks that are perfect for swimming lessons at the pool or days at the beach. My two have just started swimming lessons so have been taking their towels, change of clothes and swimming costumes in theirs. I love the little details on them, so for example Charlie has the shark, which has a little secret pocket in the tail fin. Lila has the lobster and it has a clever hook to hang wet costumes from – perfect if you’re on the beach.

Shark PaddlePak, £24.99 Trunki
Lobster PaddlePak, £24.99, Trunki


MMM has THREE Paddlepaks worth £24.99 each to giveaway to readers. To be in with a chance to win, leave a comment with the most useful children’s travel tip you’ve learned!

Winners will be selected at random and announced on Friday 29th August.


Thank you to Trunki for providing us with the products for this post.